In our experience, high-growth companies have widely divergent needs depending on their scale, funding history and executive team. While we provide bespoke services based on our clients’ specific needs, our fundamental approach is consistent within every project.

We leave no stone unturned

"From Day 1 the Platform team told us that they would be 'putting their shoulder into the process' and they certainly did that! Platform undertook a global search for strategic investors and acquirers for our business. Their understanding of the global market and depth of research shone through. The care they displayed towards us provided comfort throughout the inevitable ups and downs of a transaction process. We couldn't be happier with the outcome."
Headshot of Scott Tongues
Scott Tonges
Founder - Teach Starter

We are always in your corner

"Paul and Tom ran an incredible process for Uptick. They were extremely hands on with every part of the transaction, producing an incredible IM, exceeding expectations on the negotiation, and then dug deep to look after the founders on closing details like employment agreements. Paul and Tom freed the founders to keep growing the business leaving the transaction in safe hands."
Headshot of Aidan Lister
Aidan Lister
Founder - Uptick

We roll up our sleeves

"Working with Tom and Paul truly felt like they were part of the team. They were always on the front foot, ensuring that the deal was moving forward every step of the way while our team were busy running the business day-to-day. We previously had a lacklustre experience working with advisors in the past, but the Platform team showed the value of having the right partners on board when it comes to important business transactions."
Headshot of Chris Dahl
Chris Dahl
CEO - Pin Payments

We invest time to know your business

"The Platform Advisory Partners team spent time upfront to get an in-depth understanding of our business and provide insights that helped inform our go-to-market strategy and corporate narrative. Their knowledge of our business carried over into investor conversations, guiding how the Pendula platform was represented and positioned with potential investors that was integral to the capital raising process."
Headshot of Alex Colvin
Alex Colvin
CEO - Pendula

We are more than just an advisor

"15-years into the TOM Co journey it felt like a sliding doors moment when we received numerous term sheets to either sell or raise capital to continue growth. Having Tom and Paul as a sounding board to talk through not only the transaction options, but what that meant for me personally and how to manage the team, really cemented my thinking on the right way forward."
Headshot of Aimee Marks
Aimee Marks
Founder - The TOM Co